The Simple Wellness Team seeks to bring better
health and wellness to those around us.

We all need simple ways to improve our health, yet we live in a world of information overload, and current trends in nutrition and wellness can be complex and conflicting.

As life gets busy and life becomes stressful, it is easy to let other demands take priority over simple things like eating well and making our health a priority. Our Simple Wellness Community strives to encourage one another as we all take small steps towards better health and wellness.


We are a vibrant and supportive community of people who share the desire to take charge of our own health.


We aim for progress over perfection.



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We believe in simple solutions to everyday health concerns.


We believe that good nutrition is foundational for a happy, healthy body.


we believe in getting back to the basics.







We believe that by being in community with others, we can learn more and encourage one another on the path to better wellness.


We are excited to share what we have learned with those around us.






We believe that together we can help more people.

We are part of a larger movement called the Healthy Living Revolution.

Being a part of this network gives us access to great education and resources. We are on a mission to inspire healthy living in our own communities and around the world.

Working with the Simple Wellness team has been a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with others who share a passion for health and wellness. As someone who works from a home office, the Simple Wellness team is a great platform to connect to on a daily basis for education, support and community. We learn from each other every single day and have fun along the way. After all, what would our journeys look like without a little fun too?!
— Sarah Yarborough, Durham, NC

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Simple Wellness is more than just a place where I have learned how to eat healthy; it has become a family to me. Nowhere in the world will you find a more dedicated group of people who will celebrate with you in the good times, and build you up during the hard times. These people are my therapy, and I don’t know what I’d do without them.
— Katie Saunders, Indian Trail, NC