Health is our passion.

We are a group of passionate people who want to help others in the same way that we have been helped. We love to share recipes, ask questions, find good answers, make smoothies, share meals, and have fun together. We believe in each other and link arms to inspire the world around us. Together we can reach more people.

The Simple Wellness Team


Haynes paschall

Simple Wellness Coach
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Mom of 3
Green Smoothie Guru



Simple Wellness Coach
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Neuromuscular Massage Therapist
Mom of 2
Lover all things mind, body and spirit!



Simple Wellness Coach
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Mom of Two Boys



Simple Wellness Coach
Boy Mom on a Mission
Yoga and Cooking Enthusiast

tammy pANOVICH

Simple Wellness Coach
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Personal Trainer
Mom of 2


Mary Laird Garrison

Simple Wellness Coach
Wellness Enthusiast
Skin Care Guru
Wife to Will
Mom to Ann Ryan

Katie Saunders.jpg

katie saunders

Simple Wellness Coach
Healthy Chef
Working Mom of Three Boys
Specialties: Meal Planning, Recipe Conversion

Suzanne Macy.jpg

suzanne mACY

Simple Wellness Coach
Healthy Eating Enthusiast
Mom of 2


teri povinelli

Simple Wellness Coach
Business Initiatives Manager and Salesforce Center of Excellence Leader
Vice President Wells FargoMom of 2

Lisa Huntington.jpg

lisa huntington

Simple Wellness Coach
Health Enthusiast
Piano Instructor
Mom to Isabella

Stephanie Rickenbaker

Simple Wellness Coach
Mom of two
Health & Wellness Enthusiast
Founder of Sweet's Syrup


melissa solar

Simple Wellness Coach
Faith Driven Mama
Wife passionate for life, love and leftovers


Simple Wellness Coach
Wholehearted Wellness Guide
On a mission for a mindful life

Amy Norman.jpg

amy norman

Simple Wellness Coach
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Mom of 2 great kids
Expert Weekly Meal Planner and Queen of Calm


Simple Wellness Coach
Interior Designer
Enthusiast for being present
Lover of all things health, mind and body!



Simple Wellness Coach
Mom of 2 girls
Sustainable Agriculture Student
Gardener Extraordinaire
Passion for Tasty Healthy Cooking


Mandisa Armstrong

Simple Wellness Coach
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Certified Yoga Instructor
Love of Life!

melanie bradle.jpg

melanie bradle

Simple Wellness Coach
Wife & Mom

elizabeth schultz.jpg

elizabeth schultz

Simple Wellness Coach
Integrative Health Coach/Toxins Specialist
Mom and tree-hugger!

krista sigmon

Simple Wellness Coach
Certified Health Coach
Mom of 2
Healthy Cooking Enthusiast

Rajul parekh

Simple Wellness Coach
Adult Nurse Practitioner
Background in Cardiology Care, Diet and Fitness, Blood Pressure, Lipid Management
Avid Vegetarian Cook

christina macdonald

Simple Wellness Coach
Salesforce Product Manager
Mom of 2

Cheryl Brown

Simple Wellness Coach
Health & Fitness Enthusiast
Nana to 7


Anne Steppe

Simple Wellness Coach
Professional Organizer with Simplicity Organizers
Passionate about keeping things simple - especially food.
Proud LEO wife to Jon and Fun Mom to Cody

Sheila prof pic outside.jpg

Sheila Kilbane, MD

Integrative Pediatrician
Seeks out the Root Cause of Childhood Illnesses
Enjoys Horseback Riding and Yoga


Sarah Pay

Simple Wellness Coach
Yoga + Fitness Educator
Artist, Ninja, Runner,
Inversion Junkie
Mom to 3 Boys
Training and empowering the whole person.


Brooks Haislip

Simple Wellness Coach
Mindfulness & Leadership Guide
Certified Yoga Instructor
Radiant Life Enthusiast



Naturopathic Physician
Founder of Carolinas Natural Health Center
Dad of three amazing kids

Lynn "Millsie" Neale

Outdoor pursuits enthusiast
Lover of the environment
Royal Horticultural Society trained Gardener
Passionate about living a simple energized life

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Katherine Buck


Health and Wellness Enthusiast
Autoimmune defeater
Military wife
Mom of 2 girls
Forever a yogi

Red door - headshot.jpg


Simple Wellness Coach
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Mom to Harris
Yoga, Healthy Living and Travel Enthusiast

Anje Seufert

Simple Wellness Coach
Integrative Therapist & Breath Worker
Certified Yoga Instructor
Singer of Songs
Boy Mom

image1 2.jpeg

Jenna Luck

Simple Wellness Coach
Strategy Consultant
Professional Organizer
Toxic Mold Survivor
People Connector


Erin Vinson

Simple Wellness Coach
Essential Oil Educator
Avid Runner
Mama to Lydia and Bennett
Wife to Michael
Daughter of the One True King


Joanna Keel

Simple Wellness Coach
Wife and Mom of 4
Passionate about nutrition and gut health - particularly in kids
Volunteer Librarian

Jessica Beaver.jpg

Jessica Beaver

Simple Wellness Coach
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Creative Soul
Mom of 2 Boys

Margaret Donovan.jpg

Margaret Donovan

Simple Wellness Coach
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Mom of 2 Amazing Boys


Owen Dodge

Myofascial Release Therapist
Founder of Triangle Body Therapy
Healthy Living Enthusiast
Dad to 2


Emily Geizer

Simple Wellness Coach
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Seeker of safer products : food, skincare, cleaning products
Mom of 2


Katie Estridge

Integrative Physical Therapist
Professional Yoga Therapist
Boy Mom
Health Nut


Lucy snow

Simple Wellness Coach
BeautyCounter Consultant
Natural Beauty, Yoga, Pilates, Ballet, & Art Enthusiast
Mom to Finnegan & Sadie

Once upon a time, I was practicing learning to say “no” and I kept saying “no” to joining this team. I didn’t think I had time for one more thing. But then I really got to know the people who are a part of The Simple Wellness Community, and I realized that this wasn’t a group of people who would use me, drain me or require of me. Instead of The Simple Wellness Team decreasing my capacity or taking my time, it’s been quite the opposite. This group has been a fertile ground for growth for me and the many others who are a part of it. Never have I known a team of people to be more others-minded, genuinely motivated or compassionate. The way they lead is the way they live...with education, with patience and with love. Sharing healthy living is our connection but helping others grow is our passion.

-Sarah Pay
Fitness Director/Trainer
Simple Wellness Coach

Are you someone who is passionate about health and wellness?

We need more people to join us as we seek to spread the message of better health and wellness. Please contact us below. We would love to talk to you about joining our team and linking arms to reach more people.

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I have found great power and benefit in truly being a part of the Simple Wellness team. With the amount of negativity in the world, I have found that the continuous positive attitudes, the range of knowledge, the diversity of background, and the willingness to genuinely help has been immeasurable and so energizing. Simple Wellness Team members are there to support and celebrate you every step of your journey. The only thing I regret is not embracing this amazing community sooner!
— Melissa Solar, Charlotte, NC